Lilith R.

Executive Director
San Francisco, CA, USA


After barely surviving a harrowing mental health crisis as a teenager, Lilith Rose (they/she), realized just how little effective advocacy was being done for youth in similar situations. They began communicating openly about their experiences and the actions they were taking to overcome their mental health challenges through their initiative, U Can't B Erased. A few years and over a hundred speaking engagements later, they were advocating for teen mental health on an international level through their handbook, support group, videos, media appearances, and thousands of one-on-one interactions.

During this journey of activism, Rose taught themselves how to effectively market their efforts. And, after sharing that knowledge on an individual level, co-founded Walk Thru Marketing which focused on digital marketing for nonprofits and small businesses. They continued to balance the advocacy and business until the beginning of 2021 when they came out as transgender.

This coming out completely separated them from many of the people and aspects of their former life, and that's when they got involved with PFLAG SF. They started out as a support group member, continued on as a board member, and now lead the organization as the Executive Director.

With the focus of providing practical resources to the vast community the organization serves, they are establishing education and support programs at schools, partnering with Bay Area companies for employee workshops, and creating new events and groups to bring us all together in person again.


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