Julian D.

San Francisco, CA, USA


Hello, my name is Julian Prince Dash, and have been able to feed my family by the means of my program Holy Stitch! going on 16 years now. I have helped the property value go up in several places in SF, mainly Market Street, created and been on several committees to bridge the digital divide of Market Street, and have fought tooth and nail for the city to understand the depth of the skill of sewing and manufacturing I provide under the guise of cool and fashion with the layer of mind, body, and soul.

Having a storefront off of Market Street and closing during covid, I created an online academy and platform for those to continue sewing and the skill of making jeans and extended my apprenticeship and internship program. With a queue of over 1200 and 4 new apprentices across the nation, I have proven to myself the, again, need for mentorship and leadership and how the arts and the sewing machine can be a vehicle to inspire and heal a new generation behind the screen with real skills.

I have recently received my 501c3 status and seek to execute what is well deserved.

I am opening a storefront in Sept. of 2023 and need help securing funding, structuring my organization, and many foundational items to help the business scale and build what the city of SF is asking me to do but I myself can barely pay my own rent!

Update as of 11/6/2023:

We have officially been open for a little over a month and it has been quite the journey and a steep learning curve.

Having only 3 weeks to move in, renovate and open up has been a something else and due the integration of community and the asset we have been to the community and neighborhood (financial district) the city has asked us to open up another facility in the Mid Market District of San Francisco and we need your help more than ever in every way possible.

It is only myself and a few other people sharing their time and heart and I am even housing my apprentices in my house.

We need help from the bottom to the top and inside and out and prefer to work with someone local.

Check out the website and let us know!!!

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