Suzan E.

Executive Director
West Branch, IA, USA


Suzan Erem is a lifelong working writer and community organizer. Born and raised on the East Coast, she fell in love with Iowa after attending the University of Iowa (Journalism and English BA 1985) during the 1980s Farm Crisis. What she learned among those farmers getting thrown off their land stayed with her through decades of organizing janitors, nurses and her community wherever she lived. Returning to Iowa in 2010, Suzan and her anthropologist husband Paul Durrenberger (Pigs, Profits and Rural Communities and more than 30 other books) realized the last nail was going into the coffin of family farms. After nearly 2 years of research and investigation, she and 24 others founded the Sustainable Iowa Land Trust to reduce and/or take land debt out of the equation for sustainable table food farmers.

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