Amber G.

Founder/Executive Director
Little Rock, AR, USA


Amber Govan has led model demonstration research projects and created initiatives and programs for several governmental agencies and community organizations in the State of Arkansas for the past 14 years.
Amber is the founder and Executive Director of Carter's Crew, a nonprofit organization that works with teens ages 12-17 plus one parent in the Central Arkansas Area. She is also the project director of their gang intervention/suppression program "UN-Repeating the Cycle." She has successfully created collaborations, partnerships, and relationships with law enforcement, juvenile judges, state agencies, community organizations, and schools in the Central Arkansas area. Amber's specialties include designing and implementing community programming that targets youth at risk for gang involvement or already gang-affiliated. Amber has lived experience in this field being labeled as delinquent or at risk for incarceration most of her childhood and young adulthood. Her lived experience helps her connect with the teens and families that the organization targets in the community. She has a Bachelor of Science in sociology and psychology from Oklahoma State University. Amber is a subject matter expert for the Institute for Intergovernmental research where she provides her expertise to sites all over the U.S through webinars, conferences and site visits. She holds many certifications and licenses that deal with project management, behavior intervention, customized employment, diversity equity/inclusion, and gang intervention.

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