Neiki J.

Houston, TX, USA


Neiki, originally from Tuscaloosa, Alabama, relocated to New Orleans and subsequently settled in Houston with her family. Despite residing in Houston from the age of 12, she proudly identifies with her Alabamian roots. She is a devoted mother to her daughter, Destiny.

Throughout her career in community service, Neiki has received numerous accolades. However, she holds the National Council of Negro Women's Bethune Award in the highest regard, an honor recognizing her significant contributions to young women of color within the Houston area. Additionally, Neiki's non-profit endeavors garnered attention in Voyage Houston Magazine. Her literary work, "When the Pieces Begin to Fit," offers a profound exploration of her life's journey. In this book, Neiki candidly discusses her battles with self-esteem, a suicide attempt, divorce, and feelings of incompleteness. For a considerable time, she perceived herself as inadequate, not realizing that her adversities were shaping her divine purpose: to assist others in navigating their uncertainties.

Neiki's narrative of overcoming self-doubt is a testament that resonates with many individuals facing similar challenges. She established Neiki Speaks, LLC, an initiative dedicated to uplifting those on the brink of despair, providing a voice to the silenced, and offering guidance through life's unpredictable journey.

Neiki is acutely aware of the modern world's trials and tribulations. She transformed her negative experiences into positive action, demonstrating a particular sensitivity towards those in need of support to transcend life's hurdles and realize their self-worth. Neiki Speaks, LLC, fosters a judgment-free environment, ensuring individuals feel supported and valued. She subscribes to the belief that "As a man thinketh, so is he," advocating that mindset shifts, though challenging, can lead to transformative change.

Embrace: Neiki's journey to self-acceptance culminated in her academic achievements, earning a Bachelor's Degree in Organizational Management with a Minor in Psychology and a Specialization in Human Resources from Ashford University. She takes pride in her membership in the Golden Key Honors Society. Her recovery from COVID-19, a life-threatening experience, led her to become a certified Peer Mentor/Peer Recovery Coach in 2020.

Empower: Embracing her role as a leader, Neiki became a beacon of empowerment, eager to assist others in overcoming life's obstacles and unlocking their leadership potential. Empowerment, for Neiki, signifies the rejection of unworthiness.

Exalt: Neiki believes in the transformative power of faith, asserting that leadership is a divine gift accessible to all, irrespective of life's stage. She encourages collective efforts in building A.L.A.Y.A Ministries, a testament to the belief that through divine guidance, forgiveness, and support, everyone can contribute to a greater purpose.

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