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Yvonne G.

General Chairperson
Fair Haven, NJ, USA


Isn't a Cotillion a big, social event where high-society families spend tons of money to introduce their sometimes over-indulged children to, you guessed it, high society? Yup - but we've flipped that script. The Monmouth County Cotillion started in 1949 to honor the academic achievements of disadvantaged youth and assist them in funding their college education. That remains our mission today with one critical addition - we also seek to counter negative and misogynistic images that clutter their forcefields and and provide them with tools and resources required to succeed in college and career. Our Cotillion Ball is the culmination of a 5-month program that includes workshops in etiquette, public speaking, presentation networking, career options, financing college, succeeding in college and social media image management.

Our primary goal is still to honor academics and award scholarship money to disadvantaged high school students. To date, we've awarded $1.9 million ($89,000 in May, 2018). We operate with an all-volunteer staff and cover students from any of the 75 high schools across Monmouth County, NJ. We've held this program and "The Cotillion" every year since 1949 - 69 years!

Our goals for 2019 include exceeding $100,000 in scholarship awards, expanding our mentor program component and enhancing our social media presence.

Our long-term dream is to replicate this program to other counties in NJ and eventually, across the US.