Since 1995, WCSC has helped thousands of non-English speaking immigrants with English instruction in addition to medical, legal, family counseling and other social services. Obtaining citizenship has been very important. Improving the skills of the workforce, helping academic, emotional, social, communicative abilities is also key. When immigrants first arrive to the United States of America, they need a lot of support in every aspect of their lives. They want to find jobs and help their children become educated and go to college. They want to achieve financial security and self-sufficiency. Asian Mosaic Fund Giving Circle donations will allow us to reach out to immigrant adults and their families to help them achieve the best of what life in America can offer.
The Won Community Service Center was founded by immigrants with a strong and enduring courage in establishing, not only for themselves but for others also, the righteousness inherent in the lifelong values of physical security, personal responsibility, education, intergenerational morality and principles, relational organization within society, and the fulfillment of the expression of humanity. Thus, the community and our clientele are the heart of our mission and daily work. Our success is assessed via activities reports, Board meetings, year-long client surveys, professional consultation, networking, and results from partner relationships with organizations such as Benevity, AmazonSmile, and GooglersGive Program. On our front door is signified our intent to help anyone with educational services, legal services, and counseling services. Anyone in need of medical counseling as well is helped. We look forward to perpetuating the global mission of effecting global peace.

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