Roger F.

Volunteer Manager
Ojai, CA, USA


An internationally recognized energy healer since 1978, Roger Ford is fully committed to developing the spiritual and personal growth of others interested in complementary and alternative healing methods. He actively encourages the link between the medical profession and alternative practitioners to take an integrated holistic approach to health - conventional and complementary therapies working together for the good of the patient. Roger lives and teaches his deeply held conviction that "Each one of us has the ability to heal ourselves and others."
Moving from Britain in 2003 he Co-founded Healing in America, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people develop their healing gifts and providing support for complementary healing practitioners. Students hail from a wide variety of backgrounds, including the medical and veterinary fields. These classes are held throughout the United States and workshops are certified by the California Board of Registered Nurses, The American Holistic Nurses Association, National Certification Board for Massage Therapists and Bodywork and the Board of California Chiropractic Doctors. His dedication and extensive experience have fostered a practical and intuitive approach to wellness. This enables Roger to connect with his students on many levels. Roger & his wife Kim also formed a Holistic Healing Center in Ojai, California, creating a healing community for like- minded people. He runs monthly community meditation & healing groups in Santa Barbara, Ojai and helping veterans in Camarillo.
Those who work with Roger find him to be forthright and sincere as he maintains a caring, "down to earth" approach to wellness. His primary desire is to help others in their quest for physical, mental and spiritual health, so his students and clients can in turn help others. Roger has a professional practice in Ojai, California where he sees clients for personal sessions, as well as offering distant healing to those people not able to travel.


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