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Nisha K.

Freelance Writer & Editor | Writing Coach
New York, NY, USA
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Hi! I'm Nisha, and I'm freelance writer and editor for hire, a writing coach, and a chronic illness advocate.

I write extensively about encouragement, creativity and writing, work-life balance, career planning, social awareness, and living with chronic illness. My writing and editing clients include writers, online publications, blogs, and other digital content platforms (e.g. apps). I have written over 300 articles, blog posts, and newsletters, and two e-books.

As a writing coach, I primarily help women living with health limitations--such as chronic illness, chronic pain, and mental health challenges--to start, work on, and complete a writing project, such as a series of articles or blog posts, essays, or a book. To meet their creative writing goals, I teach my coaching clients how to: work with their health limitations and let go of self-limiting mindsets; organize and get started on the project they're most passionate about and keep it going; and have confidence in using their voice and sharing their POV.

You can learn more about me and my work on my website:


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