Emaleigh joined the staff of Germantown United Community Development Corporation in 2015 and was appointed Executive Director in 2020. She is an experienced community organizer and lifelong Germantown resident with a deep understanding of both the history and present life of the neighborhood.

Emaleigh has over 10 years' professional experience in community and audience engagement, experiential programming, and marketing and public relations. She has a vested interest in improving cities from the ground up, connecting citizens with local government, and providing people working for socially progressive and fundamental change with vital information to help fuel their work.

Relevant past work experience includes: Mural Arts Philadelphia, programming consultant; TEDxPhiladelphia, lead organizer and producer from 2011-2015; and Next City, Audience Engagement Editor. Currently, Emaleigh serves on the advisory board for the Citizens Planning Institute, an initiative of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission, and the Strategic Vision Team for the Healthy Rowhouse Project.