Cliff Wright, Jr. is a Leader, Non-Traditional Educator, Mentor, and Public Speaker. He is devoting his life to helping individuals develop equity-oriented relationships. Mr. Wright obtained his undergraduate degree in Organizational Management from Washington Adventist University, and successfully completed his Fellowship with the New York City Leadership Academy in Educational Leadership. Currently, Mr. Wright is a Senior Fellow at the CARES Learning Partnership and the Director of the Golden Gate Academy Project, leading efforts to revitalize the campus, provide much-needed community supports to Oakland and surrounding areas, and reopen Golden Gate Academy.
Mr. Wright has over 20 years of combined experience in organization management, restorative practices, social-emotional leadership, and education.
Mr. Wright has devoted his entire educational career to Adventist Education. He has served in several capacities from elementary, secondary, higher learning, conference administration, and consulting.
If you talk to him, he will tell you, "Building relationships is all I do!" This is because Mr. Wright believes that true impact is only achieved through relationship and relationship is the education of life.

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