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Hyattsville, MD, USA
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Arts Program Designer, Freelance Self-Employed

June, 2014 - Current

Design of arts programs, performances, and workshops for the Kennedy Center, the National Park Service, the Capitol Visitor Center, and the Smithsonian Institution
-2014: Program Performance "Join The Student Sit-Ins" Lyndon B. Johnson Ranch (National Park Service)
-2015: Host & Interviewer "America Innovates/ Innovation Now" Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation (Smithsonian)
-2016: Design and Implementation "Alice Lakey & The Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906" Capitol Visitor Center (Architect of the Capitol)
-2016: Program Performance "Join The Student Sit-Ins" Lyndon B. Johnson Ranch (National Park Service)
-2017: Host & Interviewer "History Film Forum" National Museum of American History (Smithsonian)
-2017: Program Performance "Curtis Mayfield Celebration" National Museum of African-American History and Culture (Smithsonian)
-2018: Design and Implementation "Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Musical Celebration" National Museum of African-American History and Culture (Smithsonian)
-2018: Festival Coordination "Resurrection City Festival" National Museum of African-American History and Culture (Smithsonian)
-2018: Program Performance "Cramton 1961" National Museum of African-American History and Culture & The Discovery Theater (Smithsonian)
-2018: Design & Implementation "Martin Luther King Jr. & The Fair Housing Act" University of the District of Columbia Law School
-2018: Design & Implementation "Because of Emmett Till" National Museum of African-American History and Culture (Smithsonian)
-2018: Musical Performance "Poor People's Campaign Symposium" National Museum of African-American History and Culture (Smithsonian)
-2019: Design & Implementation "SHOUT: Music and Meaning of the Ring Shout" National Museum of American History (Smithsonian)
-2020: Design & Implementation "Going The Distance" Post-Show Talkback for Youth Audiences- Discovery Theater (Smithsonian)

Television Host, Smithsonian Channel

May, 2013 - Current

2013- First Season "Seriously Amazing Objects"
2015- Second Season "Seriously Amazing Tools"
2017- Third Season "Seriously Amazing Objects"

Media Host, Presenter, and Actor, Freelance, self-employed

May, 2008 - Current

Video Textbook Narration & Voice Over (Pearson Education) 2019
People > Passion> Purpose Voice Over Artist for development campaign (Smithsonian Institution) 2016-2018
Rex Live in Concert Performance (Kennedy Center Millennium Stage) 2018
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. MC & Musical Performance (Smithsonian Institution NMAAHC) 2018
History Film Forum Film Festival Host/ Interviewer & Coordination (Smithsonian Institution NMAH) 2017
Curtis Mayfield Panel & Musical Presentation (Smithsonian Institution NMAAHC) 2017
My American Roots Web-series Host & Conception (Smithsonian Digital) 2016-2017
Arts Festival Commercial Voice Over Artist (Hyattsville Community Development Corporation) 2017
Ray Charles Sacred & Secular Musical Panel & Presentation (Smithsonian Institution NMAAHC) 2016
Join The Student Sit-Ins Performance & Discussion (National Park Service) 2016
Civil Rights Music for Young Audiences (Smithsonian Institution NMAAHC) 2015
America Innovates/ Innovation Now Host 2015
MagnifiAR App Voice Over (National Postal Museum) 2014
Bayard Rustin and James Baldwin: Freedom Fighters (DC Commission on Arts & Humanities) 2014
Raise it Up: Anthem For America Livestream Host and Tech Coordination (Smithsonian Institution NMAH) 2013
Seizing Justice: The Story of the Greensboro 4 Interview (The Smithsonian Channel) 2010
History Explorer.org Voice Over for Online Materials (The Smithsonian NMAH) 2010
Sing for Freedom Presentation/ Performance & Writing (Smithsonian Institution & The White House) 2009-2010
Romeo and Juliet Performance & Presentation (Capitol City Symphony) 2009
Ancient Voices/ Modern World: Colombia Translation Dub Voice Over (National Geographic) 2008
The Rhythms of My Life Langston Hughes Interpretation (The Smithsonian Associates) 2007
Dr. Martin L. King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream Speech” (Lincoln Memorial & The Smithsonian Associates) 2007

Festival Coordinator, Hyattsville Community Development Corporation

April, 2017 - October, 2017

-Coordinate Annual Arts Festival with over 120 exhibitors, 6 mainstage performances, food trucks, vendors, local businesses, organizations, donors, government, and 5000 attendees
-Manage promotion, including Social Media
-Design and Create Social Media promotion/ content for events, including the Arts Festival. "Bursting on the Scene" art day, and Ginn's Warehouse "Graffiti Send Off"

Creative Director, Smithsonian Institution

December, 2010 - August, 2015

Design/ Implementation of two-dozen arts programs (theatre & music) for the museum, including concept, research, writing, directing, performance, technical design, technical installation and management, management/ supervision of artists, & audio-visual/ computer consultation, and multimedia support.
-2011 "Time Trial of Benedict Arnold"
-2011 "Time Trial of John Brown"
-2011 "Sing For Freedom: Music of the Civil Rights Movement"
-2012 "Am I A Pirate?"
-2012 "Joseph Henry: The First Secretary of the Smithsonian"
-2012 "Joseph Henry's Electromagnet"
-2012 "Joseph Henry's Opening Address"
-2012 "Joseph Henry's Weather Map"
-2012 "Smithsonian Summitt: Joseph Henry and Richard Kurin"
-2012 "La Buena Vida: The Life of Fabiola Cabeza de Baca"
-2013 "Love on the Range"
-2013 "Slavery and the War of 1812"
-2013 "Jazz Doo Wah!"
-2014 "What's More American"
-2014 "Living Painting: The Pageant of a Nation"

Teaching Artist/ Actor, Smithsonian Institution

April, 2005 - December, 2010

  • Performer (Theatre & Music) for programs and workshops with the National Museum of American History (Selma to Montgomery: The Voting Rights Marches of 1964, Brown v. Board of Education, Walking Montgomery: The Bus Boycotts of 1954, Dr. King's Address to the First Baptist Chuch of Montgomery, Happy Holidays in Popular Song, To The Mountaintop: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Join The Student Sit-Ins, Inaugural Moments, Sing For Freedom/ Sing Out)
  • Actor for The Discovery Theater (Black Diamond, Seasons of Light, Going the Distance, How Old is a Hero)
  • Teaching Artist for The Smithsonian Associates (Performance and Workshops in Liberty, NY, Lansing, MI, Detroit, MI, Lafayette, LA and Washington, DC)
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