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Elise S.

Co-op Preservation Project Associate
New York, NY, USA


I am a Co-op Preservation Project Association at UHAB. I have been with the organization for 2 1/2 years and have also worked under the TIL/HDFC contract with HPD. In this capacity, I monitor HDFC co-ops in the Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn that have loans for capital improvements or tax relief to ensure compliance with the lender.

I am the main contact for UHAB's Branding Committee. The Branding Committee is a group of employees who volunteer to assist staff in the Communications Department. Also on the committee are Charlotte Bell and Deb Schwartz.

Outside of work, I am the co-chair of a civic organization called Forth on Fourth Avenue, a committee of the Park Slope Civic Council and I perform with a salsa dance studio team- both in Brooklyn.