I am currently the Executive Assistant to the Executive Director. My former title was Executive Secretary. I have served under five Executive Directors and six Board Chairs. My engagement and involvement with UCC has taken me beyond the day-to-day into numerous projects to include Coodinator for the GED Project, Computer Program, Special Projects that included Fundraising--UCC Gala, Corporate Luncheons, Dinners, etc. As my Uncle was one of the founders of this organization, I am naturally drawn to service. Before working in non-profit, I worked in corporate and private companies. My educational background is Business Administration/Music. In community volunteering, spans over 50 years; from mentoring youth to workshops, servicing the homeless and motivational speaking. I am a writer, actor, professional vocalist, encourager and organizer of people. Having worked here at UCC for well over 25 years, it is important for organization's like UCC to exist. Unfortunately, the de-funding of non-profits, limits its effectiveness and while the need is greater.

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