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How to treat egg-shell fish is benign and completely non-injurious to the skin. Unlike common acne, nodules are the result of an inflammatory process on the surface. Information is formed when pores clog pores, remove makeup left on the skin, dirt accumulates, etc. From there, creating favorable conditions for Propionibacterium acnes bacteria to grow and attack the skin. skin, forming nodules.

Under the skin is very easy to confuse with upholstery. However, it has a more severe expression, causing the pore area to become much inflamed, forming a deep bacterial drive. Cystic skin manifests as red acne, around the hard disk, areas with yellow or white fluid, skin wrapped. Cute weevil. When accidentally dotted or painted in the wrong way can create broken panels, causing inflammation in the vicinity. Not only that, when touching normally it is very painful, if the acne breaks, it is easy to leave scars for a long time.