Scotty J.

Founding Director of Taproot Collaborative
Tucson, AZ, USA


Scotty Johnson spent the last thirty years as a conservationist, climate educator, and Permaculture design specialist. During this time, he lectured extensively for former Vice-President Al Gore's Climate Reality Project, served as National Outreach representative for Defenders of Wildlife, and founded the Lanai Permaculture Institute. During that time, Scotty maintained a passion for healing inherited from his father, who worked as a country doctor in rural Arizona. Alongside conservation efforts, he studied Integrative medicine and Transpersonal psychology with pioneers Drs. Andrew Weil and Stanislav Grof, investigating ancient healing methods practiced by the Tibetan Bon, Celtic, and other cross-cultural traditions.

These explorations convinced him that the Earth, like the human body, has an innate intelligence that keeps all functions healthy and balanced. "We take for granted," he says, "that when we cut ourselves our bodies rush to stop bleeding, fight infection, and repair the wound. Yet we fail to consider that the Earth has a similar healing intelligence." Scotty believes that integrating different perspectives to engage this intelligence is uncharted territory with tremendous potential to hasten global restoration. He founded Taproot to further this awareness.

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