Janine S.

Philadelphia, PA, USA


Janine's love for movies began at 10 years old. During her childhood, programs to teach young people about filmmaking did not exist. She found herself at the library reading books about how movies are made and spent a lot of time watching movies with her family. Her love for filmmaking led her to receive her degree in Film and Media Arts from Temple University in1999. During her senior year, Janine began a grassroots initiative to bring digital media & film education to young people living in disenfranchised communities across Philadelphia. Through her natural entrepreneurial spirit and her ability to build relationships with communities, businesses, educational institutions, youth agencies and media companies throughout the city, Janine elevated a grassroots initiative to a thriving non-profit media company that has served thousands of young people across the Philadelphia region.
Janine is the recipient of the Entrepreneur Works Hall of Fame for her achievements in business. She is also the recipient of the Joan Shepp's Women of Substance and Style Award for her impact in Philadelphia communities.

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