Edward is a Shamanistic practitioner, Reiki Master and mental health counselor. He has expertise in PowWow, the magickal art of the Pennsylvania Dutch, designs hex signs and gives lectures about the Dutch and hexology. His great-grandfather was a PowWow doctor who practiced the art of healing. He has studied traditional Western astrology since 1998; traditional Tarot since 2009.

During his career as a counselor, Edward gained in depth knowledge of personality and anxiety disorders and Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly Multiple Personality Disorder. Most of his clients were targets of people with psychiatric disorders. He gives talks, as a volunteer, to various groups, including mental health organizations, about his areas of expertise in psychology which can be used for mental health professionals' continuing education credits. He has advised law enforcement officers in various aspects of crimes.

His passions, other than the paranormal, are animals - their psychology, behavior, communication and symbolism, mysteries of history, advocacy, law, forensic psychology, horror movies and cooking, especially creating new recipes. He taught horseback riding and trained horses for Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia's stables.

Crime fascinates his. He has worked with law enfocement, private detectives and DAs. He advised a prosecuting attorney in the Pennsylvania Erie District Court in their criminal suit against Miss Cleo, a US fake psychic and con artist who had several networks that offered free readings and the wannabe,never-were and never-will-be "psychics" did all they could to keep people talking, so they could make an obscene amount of money. Cleo was charged with several crimes and brought to justice by some states and federal agencies and found guilty on all counts.

Edward, happily, shares his home with three feline family members, two of whom were abused cats he adopted from an animal shelter.


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