Esther A.

Melbourne, Australia


Esther Althaus established Perspective Financial Services Pty Ltd in 2003 and has become an award winning financial adviser who is actively involved in the financial advice community and her community promoting financial literacy, particularly to women.

Esther currently works with families in planning a smooth and healthy transition of wealth to the next generation with the focus being on dignity and respect. She is also passionate about continuing to specialise with women who have separated/divorced, become widowed or inherited funds and have had little previous insight into wealth management.
Esther is also involved in various communal activities but is most visible as a committee member of Unchain My Heart, a coalition of Jewish women's organisations that have united to support people who are victims of Gett refusal.

Esther presents to corporate and community organisations and her willingness to share her life experiences, together with her no-nonsense and humorous manner, leaves her audience or those she works with inspired to take the next steps they need to in their lives.

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