Laura B.

Co-Founder, CEO
Franklin, MA, USA


Laura Bakosh, Ph.D., is a mindfulness teacher, published researcher and co-founder of Inner Explorer, a non-profit organization that brings mindfulness-based social emotional learning (MBSEL) programming to preschool through high school classrooms. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Boston College, a Ph.D. from Sofia University, was trained as a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) instructor through the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts, and recently received an Allstate Foundation Fellowship.

She has practiced and studied mindfulness for 27 years, initially as a way to manage the stress of work and travel while a General Manager at GE Healthcare and recently as a way to transform learning readiness. She began teaching the skills to children 13 years ago and quickly realized that it was difficult for children to commit to a daily mindfulness practice at home, and was difficult for many teachers to lead such practices in the classroom. This was the foundational insight that led to the development of Inner Explorer, an audio-guided program that made it easy for teachers and students (and families) to practice mindfulness together each day.

As daily toothbrushing promotes dental health, daily mindfulness practice promotes mental health! Laura has collaborated on multiple scientific studies evaluating the impact of Inner Explorer on student and teacher outcomes, showing participants experience 43% less stress and anxiety (including less secondary trauma), 15% higher grades, and 60% better emotional regulation and behavior. Laura believes that daily mindfulness practice is the most important education equity and social justice initiative of our time as it can help to close the achievement gap, break the cycles of poverty and violence and improve wellbeing.

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