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Tj T.

Director of Partnerships
Chattanooga, TN, USA


Tj is excited to bring her 18+ years of conservation and environmental sustainability work back home to where she grew up, the South. She is focused on developing strong relationships that keep Chattanooga and the surrounding region on track to becoming a green city and a symbol of hope for other communities.

Tj began her career in fisheries working at Hubbs Research Institute while pursuing her Master of Marine Science at the University San Diego. She then founded and was the director of the first brand of responsibly harvested and traceable wild caught fish from the Gulf of Mexico, Gulf Wild, working to ensure people from all walks of life had equitable access to this new category of seafood. Her most recent role as the Director of Seafood Sustainability at the National Aquarium, involved creating a National Consumer Awareness Campaign stimulating consumer demand for responsible Aquaculture (farmed seafood). From connecting sustainable commercial fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico with conscious consumers to connecting food deserts in Baltimore with sustainable Aquaculture, Tj has 25 years of experience connecting environmental and social sustainability with economic opportunity.

Tj is a Seaweb Seafood Summit Visionary Awardee, a member of the White House Task Force for Sustainable Seafood focused on the future of Aquaculture, a Fish 2.0 Impact Advisor, serves on the Steering Committee for the Coalition for U.S. Seafood Production, a Fellow in the Seafood & Oceans Leadership Institute and holds several other board and committee duties.

She holds a firm belief that we can do better for people and our planet through simple changes and education. It's imperative to support balanced ecosystems by speaking, acting and eating locally, to address food insecurity while maintaining economic gains and cultural connections for our planet, our oceans, our communities and ourselves.

When not focused on helping communities and our planet, she can be found with her amazing daughter and two furry rescues.