Raina T.

Executive Director
Atlanta, GA, USA


Raina's roots are as solid as Georgia's red clay. She is a wife & mother with a passion for creating & supporting healthy, sustainable communities by applying indigenous wisdom & exchanging best practices to (re)develop/support sustainable communities without contributing to irreversible damage to the planet. Raina is currently developing a responsive database to connect Black Sustainability Practitioners to global contracts and grassroots/grasstop projects that contribute to sustainable development. She is also reviving 160 acres of family land, also known as, G4 Farms - developing a bamboo processing & manufacturing center.

Mrs. Turner-Greenlea has worked with HABESHA, Inc. for the past 4 years leading the Urban Green Jobs workforce development training program, in partnership with the Nature Conservancy. She has nine years of experience with culturally-relevant education & project management, five years organizing & hosting Black Sustainability Network and Summit and is the former Director of Entrepreneurship and Community Engagement for the Center for Civic Innovation. Throughout her career she has supported the development of 40+ small-mid size businesses, studied community development in Colombia, St. Croix, South Africa, and Democratic Republic of the Congo, and spent four years in marketing & PR in California and across the African Diaspora leading educational campaigns in GA, FL, AL for the Department of Commerce.

Credentials: Raina is a Certified CSR Sustainability Practitioner 2020, GWSC Level 1A Soil & Erosion 2019, Institute for Georgia's Environmental Leaders 2019, CREW Green Infrastructure 2019, Atlanta Watershed Learning Network 2018, Sustainable Agriculture - HABESHA Works 2017, EPA Biomimicry Sustainable Solutions Certification 2015, African Diaspora Nation board member; Served as a delegate for the Constituency for Africa (D.C.), holds BS in Marketing & Int'nl Business - University of Alabama at Birmingham; Certified in Conceptual Sales - University of Alabama at Birmingham and also chairs the sustainability pavilion for the annual Collard Greens Cultural Festival.


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