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Joshua L.

Volunteer Manager
Ocala, FL, USA


Hello! I'm from South Florida and have been supporting families affected by autism since 2000. While I have left my role with Kahumana, I have still continued serving families affected by autism. I have founded PowerParent, an online coaching platform dedicated to bringing relief to parents living with autism ( Throughout my career, I've noticed a growing need to move from directly teaching children to focusing on supporting parents in helping their child improve in communication, socialization, and behavior. Rather than using routine, in the box principles to work with parents, I coach parents in time management, organization, communication, and all the skills needed to be successful at helping their child lead a meaningful, purpose-filled life. I have coached parents all over the world, in addition to speaking on how to best help parents affected by autism. I also host free parent coaching through my facebook group, Dr. Josh's PowerParent Group. Outside of my coaching and speaking roles, I serve as Chief Behavior Analyst for the Mindfulness Map and Clinical Director at The Sonder Academy.