Aland S.

Executive Director/President
Bay City, MI, USA


Aland Stamps is the Founder, Executive Director, and Board President of River Jordan Inc. He founded the organization in 2018, and is now open for services. Aland's passion to serve this population comes from his own lived experiences in foster care. From 1978 to 1988, Aland went through 20 residential facilities and foster homes before aging out of foster care into homelessness at age 18. Aland seeks to improve foster care programming and set the gold standard of services offered to current and former foster youth. He also seeks to bring the idea of the process of Foster Care Recovery (Awareness, Understanding, Acceptance, and Forgiveness) to those who have lived experience. You can watch the film documentary on Aland by clicking on the YouTube link in this bio.
I Changed My Story - A film documentary of Aland Stamps, Founder of River Jordan Inc

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