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Ana Y.

Executive Director
Austin, TX, USA


Since 2005, Ana has served as the principal officer guiding the organization’s operations, as well as leading TCJC’s adult and youth justice system projects to achieve ambitious policy reform goals. Ana has taken an active role in serving the larger community throughout every stage of her education and career. In earning her Master’s Degree in Public Administration, and her Ph.D. in Policy and Planning, as well as completing the Rockwood Leadership Institute’s fellowship “Leading from the Inside Out,” she has taken every opportunity to build TCJC’s organizational capacity to benefit individuals, families, and communities impacted by Texas’ justice systems.

In her career path, Ana has served as Chief of Staff for a State Representative during the 2001 State Legislative Session. She served as the Policy Director for the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) of Texas from 2001-2004 covering a range of policy areas including criminal justice, redistricting, and school finance. In late 2004, Ana served as the Project Director for TCJC’s Solutions for Sentencing & Incarceration Project in promoting proven, pro-family criminal justice policies that save taxpayers money and improve safety in Texas communities. Since becoming the Executive Director, Ana was honored in 2007 by the Texas House of Representatives and Texas Senate for “working toward real solutions to the problems facing the Texas criminal justice system.”

As an immigrant and former domestic worker, Ana is passionate about improving the lives of the underserved and disenfranchised, including individuals and families who are criminalized because of their immigration status. She is relentless in pursuing opportunities for treatment – rather than incarceration – for those with substance abuse or mental health issues, as well as promoting meaningful avenues for reform and reentry for system-involved individuals.