Monica S.

Executive Director
Ludington, MI, USA


I am an experienced agent of change. Driven by the desire to make my community the best version of itself, I take pride in utilizing innovative and collaborative partnerships in pursuit of the mission of the Pennies from Heaven Foundation, addressing the greatest needs of their community. As executive director, I lead the Foundation in convening local stakeholders, identifying best practices, bringing in outside expertise, and investing in the local community. My work spans multiple sectors from including providing access to basic needs, cradle to career education, workforce, and community development.

If you want to know the boilerplate details, I graduated with my associates in Liberal Studies from Oakland Community College, before completing my Bachelor's Degree in Public Policy and Administration from Michigan State University, and then completed a Juris Doctorate at Thomas M. Cooley Law in General Law, and joined the Michigan Bar Association. I started my career working in various roles before working at Western Land Services in Ludington, Michigan, which is what introduced me to the family behind Pennies from Heaven Foundation. I am blessed that my education and training have served me well in representing the family within the community, and in advocating on behalf of the community that I love and serve.


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