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Barbara Lee V.

Experi-Mentor (Executive FDirector)
Grand Haven, MI, USA


Barbara is the Founder and Experi-Mentor at the
Momentum Center, a grassroots movement to create a stigma-free community. An award winning speaker and international author, Barbara has 30 years experience in health administration, nonprofit administration and
interfaith ministry and is passionate in her work with the marginalized.

In 2015, she used that passion to found a new nonprofit that would use Community Conversation to identify needs in the community and be a catalyst for filling those gaps.
In 2017, the Momentum Center for Social Engagement opened its doors and became a brick and mortar location for people to find information about human services and supports throughout the community.

Today, Barbara is working to share the success of the
Momentum Center with other communities so that together we can create a society in which every person knows they are a valuable piece of the community puzzle.