Debbie B.

Executive Director
Saint Paul, MN, USA


Debbie founded The Free Book Buggie in June 2018 out of an idea she saw while traveling in Brazil. Her passion for reading and children came together as she saw an opportunity to provide children in resource-challenged households with free books. The 2 main barriers Debbie wanted to help families overcome so that they could have age-appropriate books in their homes were financial and transportation. Creating an organization that gave away free books to children and then taking those books to the children in the communities where they live and learn became the model for TFBB. "We didn't want to expect families to bring the children to us to receive free books so we fill our "Buggie", partner with communities and organizations to get a large assortment of books to the children so they can choose what they want.

With the help and support of a long-time friend, both volunteer moms together for over 20 years, they launched The Free Book Buggie and hit the ground running. Now, after just over 2 years and with an all volunteer staff and board, they are Bookin' It across the Twin Cities of Mpls and St. Paul.

Debbie's belief that it takes all of us working together to prepare our future generations to be successful leaders, entrepreneurs and contributing adults is evident in all she does. Collaboration and community building are vital to the success of our children and Debbie's vision of TFBB embodies that on a daily basis. She believes we need to not create more wheels but make the wheels we have stronger.

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