As Senior Director of Community Impact, Liza determines and implements procedures to increase and maintain measurement data integrity. She leads the introduction and implementation of the agency's organizational initiatives and programmatic work to the Latino Community, in addition to, developing and building relationships with other human service organizations.

Liza's background incorporates an earned reputation for exemplary critical thinking talents, customer and team relationship building, and solutions to accomplish best practice goals. She is valued as a team leader requiring all types of innovation, with demonstrated success meeting high-stakes program needs requiring adaptability to financial, training, and technical venue.

Liza is no stranger to the challenges facing the urban family. Both her parents and grandparents began a family tradition of serving families burdened with socioeconomic factors that often led to addiction, family violence, poor school attendance, poverty and crime. Each generation made the commitment to matters of community safety and individual well-being. Her main focus however, is the social and spiritual development of her two children in partnership with her devoted husband, Nelson, of over 20 years.