ShaKimberly Cooper is the Co-Founder, Vice President, and Treasurer of AES Literacy Institute (ALI) in Dallas, Texas. ALI is a non-profit educational literacy organization started by
ShaKimberly and her husband, Jermaine Cooper, that uplifts adults from marginalized and
underserved backgrounds to obtain the information and resources necessary to gain a high school diploma and attend college. Driven by her "POP" and vibrant energy, ShaKimberly
utilizes her experience of over seven years in adult education and literacy to help individuals of all walks of life climb the ladder of education. As a non-profit education leader, ShaKimberly's
goals include expanding AES Literacy Institute to open new offices across the DFW area and
throughout Texas, along with other states in the US. She also strives to double the organization's capacity by the end of 2022 and quadruple the capacity by 2026. That way, her work will translate to Texas rising from worst to best when it comes to adults without the equivalent of a high school education. ShaKimberly possesses a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from Louisiana State and was the Valedictorian of her class at Fair Park High School. She currently resides with Jermaine in Flower Mound, Texas.

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