I was born and raised in Cleveland, TN and graduated with a Bachelors in Communications with a discipline in Public Relations in 2012 at UAHuntsville.

At 19, briefly as an overseas student, I was introduced to the horrors of Human Trafficking, which forced me to understand the harsh reality of it in the States. It was then I began dedicating myself to outreach, rescue, and restoration of victims. I began training myself in survivor care best practices and building knowledge base on complex trauma and childhood development, while using my communication skills to voice the issue through the community.

My goal as an organizational Co-Founder and Executive Director of 6 years, is to draw the talents and skills of those around me to better serve our clients. I love to invite people into the mission in order that they can create change with us. Finding creative solutions and meeting new people is my world. "Executive Director" is exactly what it sounds like, even with a small non-profit organization, it is my roles and my joy to budgeting, Board Relations, finances, oversee vision and staff, network, fundraiser, and anything logistics you can think of.