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Sylvana R.

Executive Coach, Consultant & Strategist
Brooklyn, NY, USA
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Do you want to become a confident leader & manager? Are you lacking the skills to deal with conflict? Are you committed to finding the career path that fuses passion with financial sustainability? Do you wonder why your team is not operating effectively? What I offer are new approaches to a lot of "old" problems people face in their careers.

I coach high-level professionals like you who want to become better leaders, both in their work and their own lives, by developing their holistic intelligence. Whether it's building up your communication skills or helping you navigate a transition, I apply a variety of tools that have proven to work in my own career and my clients' careers.

How I do that is by partnering up with audacious individuals who want to fire-up their leadership by tapping into their passion and unique powers, and who are not afraid to invest in themselves. This is a conversation unlike any other because you’re finally being invited to embody your authentic self, the identity within that craves everyday electricity and dynamic leadership.

My clients learn to develop their insightfulness and make choices that empower them & those around. What would it be like for you if you could access your inner wisdom and operate from that confident, wholesome self? This is what I’m inviting you to discover.

Why I'm qualified: I trained as a Coach via the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching. I spent a decade working with various organizations around the world. I know change & can teach you how to manage it. I've taught workshops and coached dozens of professionals from Tunisia and Belgium to North Carolina, C-suite & entrepreneurs alike.

Being of French and Colombian origin, I speak fluent French and Spanish.

If you're ready to become a Conscious Leader in work and life, let's get started today!

Yours in extraordinary success & fulfillment,



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