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Youth HEAR (Holocaust Education And Remembrance) is an organisation dedicated to mitigating hate in society by connecting young Australians with the memory of the Holocaust.

We are committed to engaging Australian youth, both Jewish and Non-Jewish, through education, commemoration and cross-community collaboration. In this way, we strive to learn the lessons of the past in the hope that we will truly be able to say never again. Fundamental to Youth HEAR's approach is a dedication to maximizing the engagement of youth, defined as 17-30 years of age.

What We Do

Mitigating hate in our society requires making every person aware of where hate leads if left unchecked. We won't always have Holocaust survivors around to tell their stories and so it falls to our generation to create new and engaging ways for young people to learn about the
Holocaust. We do this through education events, commemoration and cross-community collaboration.

Raising awareness and enhancing understanding is the first step in addressing the growing problem of hate in society. To truly say never again, we need to connect emotionally to the darkest parts of human history continually.

Youth HEAR assumes the responsibility to remember and commemorate the sorrows, loss and dehumanisation of the Holocaust while paying tribute and memorialising the deaths, terrors and trauma. Congruently we must ensure we highlight the resilience, rebirth and courage so many had, enabling us to be here today.

Central to the mission of Youth HEAR is our ability to acknowledge the shared experiences of discrimination and persecution and to build a coalition with other youth organisations of diverse cultural backgrounds in order to mitigate hate in society. This is a key tier to Youth HEAR; in order to fulfil our mission of mitigating hate in society, we need to work hand in hand with other young adults and future leaders. Youth HEAR aims to foster a society with engaged and informed young adults, equipping them with the skills to identify hate and empowering them to be upstanders.


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