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To bridge the gap to adulthood for teens and adults with autism and IDDs to live meaningful, enriched lives.

What We Do

Established in 2016, REVEL (Real Experiences Vital for Enhancing Life) originated to address the gap in services for individuals with autism during the transition to adulthood, tackling challenges like social isolation and unemployment.

REVEL is dedicated to empowering individuals with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDDs), fostering a seamless integration into the community, and unlocking their full potential. Committed to catalyzing empowerment and driving transformative change, our programs significantly boost self-confidence and social skills for holistic development translating into self-sufficiency, and social and professional skills.
As a client-centered, neuro-affirming organization, an approach that places the individual client at the center of the care and services provided and recognizes and affirms the unique neurodiversity of each client


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Carrie F.
Director of Development
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