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Our mission is to help women attain economic self-sufficiency through the creation and growth of profitable and sustainable businesses.

Our vision is to empower entrepreneurial women with tools, capital, and support to lead businesses that create living wage jobs.

Our values are integrity, diversity, persistence and change agent.

What We Do

We offer four comprehensive courses for entrepreneurs at each step of the entrepreneurial journey. Classes start at "I have an idea" and go all the way up to "I make half a million in revenue and want to scale!"

Access to Capital
We are a certified CDFI and SBA lender. Currently women entrepreneurs are not able to get loans, contracts, venture capital at the same rate as male counterparters. We're working to help women entrepreneurs overcome that barrier!

Expert Advise
Entrepreneurs in our programs have access to our staff and volunteer network. On staff Business Consultants and our vast volunteer network provide support as needed to entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are asked to wear every hat (president, HR, supply chain, accounting, marketing, etc.), our Expert Advisors are here to support!

Community of Support
MN believes we all do better when we all do better! Through cohort communities in all our courses to our Peer Circle for start-up entrepreneurs, we aim to connect people and provide a support network to entrepreneurs.


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Blair H.

Volunteer Manager

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Director of Program Innovation

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Manager - Business Services

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