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Wings of Hope's mission is to provide equine assisted services for children and adults with unique physical, mental, and emotional challenges. Since 1996 Wings of Hope has served as a source of hope, healing, and discovery for individuals with disabilities across the DFW Metroplex. We serve as an advocate of inclusion for those who navigate daily life with the challenges and stigma associated with a disability.

What We Do

Wings of Hope was founded in 1996 to provide inclusion for those with disabilities, specifically for children and adults with physical, mental, or emotional challenges through the partnership of a horse. This partnership allows those with disabilities the opportunity to explore new ways to navigate independence, to gain tools and skills to sharpen and enhance abilities, to discover strengths and address challenges. The partnership breaks down barriers for someone who has experienced isolation and exclusion through their disability. We serve as an advocate for meeting individuals where they are in life with a focus on abilities rather than disabilities.

We serve low-income families, children, youth, adults, seniors, and veterans. Wings of Hope is a faith motivated organization. We are called to share and show compassion and we are called to love. We are open to all, and our programs have no religious content.

So often those impacted by our mission find that they do not have an outlet that allows them to be comfortable and confident with their disability. Frequently, individuals with disabilities state that life can revolve around a diagnosis, the label, and stigma that comes with it.

Living in exclusion is not a livelihood any person or family should have to endure. Time after time we hear stories of how they are not able to play a team sport, they are not invited to birthday parties or included in typical childhood or adult peer networks.

* A vast variety of disabilities and challenges are served through each of the programs at Wings of Hope. Such as but not limited to: Autism, Bi-Polar, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Epilepsy, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, Premature Birth, PTSD, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, and so much more.
* Equine Assisted Activities are offered as therapeutic horseback riding for individuals seeking physical benefits and movement from the horse to improve gait, flexibility, balance, focus and communication.
* Equine Assisted Learning is offered for individuals seeking tools to manage life transitions such as trauma or recovery. Through un-mounted experiences individuals address areas associated with anxiety management, stress, reintegration, and conflict resolution.
* Equine Assisted Discovery is offered for individuals seeking interaction in a peer group setting to improve confidence, communication, and self-awareness through the observation of communication and social skills as learned by the herd.


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