Wildlife Rescue & Rehabilitation

place Kendalia, Texas, USA
language http://wildlife-rescue.org


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To rescue, rehabilitate, and release native wildlife and to provide sanctuary, individualized care, and a voice for other animals in need.

What We Do

Wildlife Rescue receives over 10,000 wild animals every year. Among these are opossums, raccoons, bobcats, coyotes, skunks, squirrels, and many other mammals along with over 100 species of birds and many reptiles.

WRR provides permanent residence to over 500 animals. No animal lives behind bars - we have taken what nature has provided and simply enclosed a portion of it for the animals to give them a comfortable and stimulating home for the rest of their lives. Among those in sanctuary are over 300 animals who are commonly found on farms. Rescued from FFA programs, cruelty situations, abandonment, and auction--these are just a few of the circumstances that make up the histories of the farmed animals at WRR.


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