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At VitalHearts, we believe the healers need healing. Our training, the Secondary Trauma Resiliency Training, is 3-Day evidence based training that provides healing and equips care providers with the tools they need to combat avoid burnout, compassion fatigue, and secondary trauma. Our participants frequently tell us that the training has saved their careers.

Care providers who repeatedly witness the suffering of others can in turn become traumatized themselves. That, in turn, diminishes their effectiveness, creates compassion fatigue, and can even cause people to leave their professions. Ironically, it's those who care the most who are most at risk. Our program, the Secondary Trauma Resiliency Training, offers a comprehensive approach to Secondary Trauma and Compassion Fatigue for care providing professions including healthcare, victim services, education, mental health and more. We not only save careers but enable our participants to continue doing their work more effectively and more passionately.

What We Do

We provide a 3-day training called the Secondary Trauma Resiliency Training for care providing professionals including:
Healthcare Professionals, Victim Services Providers, Social Workers, Homelessness Advocates, Educators, First Responders, Mental Health Providers, and more.

Our training is offered both In-Person and Online.

We strive to secure grants that allow care providers to attend our training at a free or reduced rate thanks to grant-sponsored scholarships.


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