Urban Homesteading Assistance Board

New York, New York, USA


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The Urban Homesteading Assistance Board operates with the belief that all people have the right to safe and affordable housing, and deserve a say in the future of their homes. We work alongside tenants to protect and create permanently affordable housing.

What We Do

Since 1973 UHAB has assisted in the preservation of over 1,700 buildings and created shared-equity homeownership opportunities for over 30,000 households. Our work is unmatched by any other organization. UHAB has the following five main programs:

(i) Since 1998, the Organizing and Policy Department has been at the forefront of researching, exposing, and directly challenging speculative real estate practices that threaten tenants' rights to decent and affordable housing. So far we have engaged thousands of tenants in over 650 buildings across New York City via the combined efforts of on-the-ground organizing in distressed multifamily buildings and public advocacy campaigns.

(ii)The Technical Assistance Department offers free technical assistance to buildings converted to co-ops through the City's Tenant Interim Lease (TIL) program. In 25 years, more than 100 buildings have been converted to co-ops through TIL. The program accounts for 85% of UHAB’s co-op creation.

(iii) Our consultants in the Co-op Preservation Department solve the problems distressed limited-equity co-ops face by expediting the correction of tax and water and sewer bills, obtaining financing for resolving debt or for repair and rehab needs and working out other mortgage, tax management or financial issues.

(iv) With the buying power of over 600 member buildings, the Member Services Department at UHAB helps low-income co-ops and TIL buildings run smoothly at the lowest possible cost by providing access to money-saving programs on insurance, fuel, and more.

(v) Development: UHAB is the only group in New York City that specializes in developing affordable housing co-ops. At the completion of our current pipeline in 2010, UHAB will have built 2,000 new co-op apartments for longtime renters and new buyers in New York City.


Celia W
Celia W.

Organizing and Policy Associate

Elise S.

Co-op Preservation Project Associate