The Watershed Institute

place Pennington, New Jersey, USA


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Keeping water clean, safe and healthy is the heart of our mission. We work to protect and restore our water and natural environment in central New Jersey through conservation, advocacy, science and education.

What We Do

The Watershed Institute fulfills its mission through four core strategies:
Advocacy- Advocating for local ordinances and state laws that protect the environment and engaging our communities around environmental issues.
Science- Monitor 50 plus streams for pollution and share data with local and state officials. Teach people how to make changes in their daily lives to minimize impact on the environment, focusing on storm water and non-point source pollution.
Education- Teach over 10,000 adults and children about the natural environment and man's connection to it to develop the future stewards of the environment.
Conservation and Stewardship- Maintain a 930 acre preserve with 10 miles of hiking trails, a LEED-Platinum Environmental Center demonstrating green infrastructure, architecture and landscaping.


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