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Microdreams is a non-governmental, non-profit organization and a registered charitable organization in the United States and New Zealand. Our mission is to directly empower the world's poor by providing them with meaningful economic opportunity so that they can work their way permanently out of poverty. We provide sustainable, replicable and scalable solutions in markets where no one else does.

What We Do

MicroDreams will act as a catalyst to help develop and grow a new generation of microenterprise development organizations (MEDOs). With MicroDreams suite of new venture financing and advisory services, these small, young, promising, potentially hi-growth MEDOs will grow, prosper and become permanent entities in their communities. They will provide the local poor with small business training, unsecured credit and ongoing guidance and motivation to make their clients' micro-businesses a success. MicroDreams MEDO partners will also provide their clients credit for basic housing improvements and for childhood education as well as access to convenient savings facilities and appropriate insurance coverage.

Today, although microfinance is renowned, the vast majority of financing goes to the world's largest microfinance institutions and hence the vast majority of the world's poor remain without meaningful economic opportunity. The execution of MicroDreams vision will help to spread microfinancial services to every corner of the developing world.


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Polly K.

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