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Food <span id="fluent-id-0c1a921f-749d-431e-b9b7-df5c9adf8dca" class="fluent-translated"></span> create good <span id="fluent-id-ee19ccd3-91f2-44e4-9ec9-da2798901f28" class="fluent-translated"></span> with relatively <span id="fluent-id-5d371d4f-8648-4e34-aa8c-9a51eedcb4aa" class="fluent-translated"></span> corresponding educational requirements. A lack of <span id="fluent-id-c7d46eea-9671-4e4f-9663-95d248bc3d4c" class="fluent-translated"></span> food grade <span id="fluent-id-9e68f797-dc6b-4e38-8d66-b59b083e5652" class="fluent-translated"></span> available for rent and the high upfront cost to build out a food grade <span id="fluent-id-410dadfe-e7d5-41e0-b4c4-512a333039d0" class="fluent-translated"></span> creates a significant <span id="fluent-id-3e552b68-ba9b-44be-b3df-beca126f7bc2" class="fluent-translated"></span> to growth for food entrepreneurs. The Hatchery removes these <span id="fluent-id-892fe8d3-026b-49f8-9f74-b3c337397da7" class="fluent-translated"></span> to growth and creates good jobs in the City of Chicago.

The Hatchery Chicago enables local entrepreneurs to build and grow successful food and <span id="fluent-id-3b4c055f-ffb2-4e3c-9275-38f0503e3aa4" class="fluent-translated"></span> businesses and provides job training and placement <span id="fluent-id-9c7dad02-7853-46f6-85f7-6df8f92aa9e1" class="fluent-translated"></span>, which in turn create <span id="fluent-id-2083f56c-9c5b-44b9-b501-99e5d1eec0f2" class="fluent-translated"></span> economic growth and new job opportunities.


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