The Gift of Living Donation

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The GOLD's vision is to establish a culture in America that makes donating a kidney an automatic response.

What We Do

With over 100,000 Living Donor transplants, the procedure of living donation has proven to be a safe and appropriate medical science.

It's very important to note that unlike many possible cures for major illnesses, organ donation is the only missing link to immediately curing thousands of ESRD patients. We already have the technology, know-how, transplant facilities, medications and trained doctors. WHEN A DONOR IS AVAILABLE, THE CURE IS REAL. WE NEED MORE DONORS!

The GOLD will assemble a mix of promotion, communications and advertising experts into a Media Advisory Council. This Council will be charged with developing a targeted communications strategy for implementation.

The GOLD will then produce and air messages in all relevant media to reinforce the option of living donation as a positive, pro-active decision when faced with a loved one in need.


Rick A.
Founder and President
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