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Union, New Jersey, USA


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The Dream Project is a fundraising organization for young adults. We bridge the gap between nonprofits doing great work and young adults who want to give back to the communities around them. In practice that means adventure-based trips (think: biking across the country) to support the mission of charitable organizations. In taking part in one of our Dream Journeys, Dreamers pledge to raise money while committing to a summer of service as they bike towards a brighter tomorrow.

What We Do

Every year, young adults can participate in one of our Dream Journeys by pledging to raise at least $3,500 while committing to a summer-long trip, each of which is in support of a different charity based local to their area.

The riders themselves choose the organization as it aligns with their passions and spend no less than eight hours a month volunteering with them leading up to the start of their trip. The trip itself features service days as opportunities to volunteer at local organizations that share a similar mission to that of the financial beneficiary organization.


Gabrielle R
Gabrielle R.

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