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To equip leaders to transform cultural conflicts into opportunities for spiritual growth and witness.

What We Do

The Colossian Forum was founded to provide spiritually-formative opportunities to engage culturally divisive topics through Christ-honoring conversations and deeply Christian practices. Our work is driven by the promise of Colossians 1:17, that "all things hold together in Christ"--including the Church. Our mission is to equip leaders to transform cultural conflicts into opportunities for spiritual growth and witness. We currently do this through two main offerings: "WayFinder" (a leadership training program), and "The Colossian Way" (a series of topical, small group curricula).

WayFinder helps leaders of Christian communities like churches and Christian schools to productively engage disagreements as an opportunity to deepen their love of God and neighbor while also reducing the toxic and costly effects of destructive conflict on their communities. Leaders are provided with theological vision, deeply Christian practices, and introductory systems to engage divisive topics in Christ-honoring ways. WayFinder prepares teams of faith leaders to approach conflict as a spiritual practice which, when lived into over time, can grow a community's resiliency in the face of tensions and help leaders creatively think, act, and lead like Christ through divisive situations.

The Colossian Way curricula offer small groups of Christians the opportunity to engage in conflict faithfully across a specific polarizing topic such as sexuality, politics, human origins, and the roles of men and women. Communities are able to practice leaning into, rather than away from, difficult conversations, leading to renewed unity in Christ even without uniformity of opinion. The goal of The Colossian Way is not to solve any one particular policy decision or craft the "right" answer based on the group's conversation, but to experience love and truth held together through the group's shared commitments to Christ.


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