The Color of Autism

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The Color of Autism Foundation is committed to raising public awareness about autism spectrum disorders in the African American Community. We are devoted to empowering families and lessening their isolation from quality services. We are dedicated to ensuring that all people with autism receive appropriate, effective services in order to maximize their growth potential and to enhance the general public's awareness of autism

What We Do

For the last 5 years, we have been focused on bringing the message of early intervention and effective therapies to urban communities we have had a variety of successful campaigns in the past five years. These campaigns are: iPad distribution program, autism awareness church campaign, a documentary, and a continued push in providing targeted materials for families of color in the major metropolitan Detroit.

We hope to be that connecting thread that links families to other families and service providers.We aim to be a source of support for families and their children with Autism as they transition from 0 - 22. We hope to give parents a permanent source for information and services that promises to be within a 15 minute drive from their house. By collaborating with our strategic partners we wish to bring a circle of care around our families situated in low-income urban neighborhoods. Many undiagnosed and misdiagnosed African American males end up in the criminal justice system, we hope to end that disparity.


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