The Brightening Center

Exton, Pennsylvania, USA


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Providing community space to cultivate emotional balance

What We Do

* Providing a community space to offer services that promote mental health
* Offering mindfulness workshops and trainings to reduce stress, regulate emotions and attention, reduce rumination, reduce mild to moderate depression and anxiety, and prevent depressive relapse
* Offering space for mutual-aid groups that serve to help people achieve sobriety, but most often they exist to help them maintain it over the long run
* Offering yoga therapy classes for clients to access challenging feelings and memories that they may not otherwise be able to verbalize
* Offering reiki classes to help loosen muscle tension, stimulates circulation, and soothes the nervous system
* Offering educational trainings to ease identification, promote early treatment, and reduce stigma.
* Offering social activities to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, and reduce symptoms


Kate P
Kate P.

Executive Director

The B.

Volunteer Manager

Janette P
Janette P.

Volunteer Manager