Texas Criminal Justice Coalition (TCJC)

Austin, Texas, USA


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The Texas Criminal Justice Coalition (TCJC) identifies and advances real solutions to the problems facing Texas’ juvenile and criminal justice systems. We conduct policy research and analysis, form effective partnerships, and educate key stakeholders to promote effective management, accountability, and best practices that increase public safety, save taxpayers dollars, and preserve human and civil rights.

What We Do

Over the past few years, TCJC has been instrumental in positively impacting the lives of THOUSANDS of Texans through support of 90 new policies. We have been recognized by policy-makers and organizations like Philanthropedia for our research, public education efforts, and the quality of our programs and publications. With your help, imagine how much more we could do!

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TCJC works to identify and promote safe, humane, responsible solutions that focus on reducing criminal behavior and streamlining criminal and juvenile justice practices. We primarily focus on policy research, education, and advocacy, so that we can lessen the effects of Texas’ wasteful incarceration policies and practices, which have proven to be ineffective.

TCJC seeks improvements in the following areas:
· Defense, Pretrial & Innocence
· Youth Justice
· Sentencing & Incarceration
· Reentry
· Justice System Practices

TCJC has built strong, trusting relationships with the practitioners who are in the criminal and juvenile justice systems – those who are doing the job and making critical decisions – to ensure that our advocacy efforts are leading to the real solutions. In addition state-level reforms and improvements, TCJC also pushes for changes at the county level. Given Texas’ large size with 254 counties, state-level change is not always practical, so we continue to build relationships with leadership in major counties to build momentum for real change at the local level, as well.

Bottom line: TCJC strives to engage in effective advocacy in both the short and long term so that juvenile and criminal justice become AND remain a priority for our state decision-makers and county leadership.


Ana Y
Ana Y.

Executive Director