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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA


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Stay True is committed to amplifying the voices of and inspiring the youth most impacted by systems of oppression in Philadelphia. We provide a brave space for students to navigate and address systemic issues. By promoting self-determination through lived experiences, we help our students realize their innate abilities and positions of power to effect change in their communities.

What We Do

Since 2008, Stay True has successfully run a free program dedicated to amplifying the voice of and inspiring the youth most impacted by systems of oppression in Philadelphia. We provide a safe space for our students to grow and express themselves. By connecting with each other and members of their communities, our students develop the knowledge and skills needed to become powerful agents of change. We aim to expose and educate our students about a wide variety of social issues affecting Philadelphia. They learn how their community members are effecting change by participating in community-based projects and engaging with local artists. Each year, students are given a budget of $1,000 to create their own service project, combining what they have learned in this process. They implement impactful community-based projects that cover an extensive range of topics through work that includes painting murals, repairing community playgrounds, organizing canned food drives, and hosting poetry events to address violence and inequality. Throughout the years, Stay True students have continued to bring positive change to Philadelphia's communities.


1. Students learn to address issues that deeply impact their lives and communities by working closely with community members, local artists, and nonprofits.

2. Students expand their horizons by participating in a wide variety of new activities in and out of the city limits.

3. Students use their knowledge to develop community service projects throughout the Philadelphia region.

4. Students receive a $300 scholarship as recognition of their accomplishments.


Gwendolyn M.

Volunteer Manager

Larry B.

Collective Leadership Member