Spring Reins of Life, Inc.

place Three Bridges, New Jersey, USA
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To provide a safe, healing and empowered path to peace, positive growth and self-guided recovery for those suffering trauma and loss with the assistance of horses as our guides.

Spring Reins of Life serves groups of trauma survivors in the central New Jersey region, namely Veterans, Teens, Women, Children and more. We have learned that many trauma survivors either do not want to (or) simply cannot "talk about it". That is there the Horses can help!

What We Do

Spring Reins of Life is dedicated to promoting psychological healing, emotional well-being and personal growth using the skills of mental health professionals and the assistance of horses.

Spring Reins of Life is an EAGALA Model (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) certified program which provides group format EAP services for moderate to severe trauma survivors. ALL of our services are provided for no cost or very low cost based on community fundraising and public/private donations awarded to cover our programming expenses. This service is proving to be very effective for moderate to severe trauma survivors who either do not want to (or) simply cannot "talk about it".

EAP (Equine Assisted Psychotherapy) *HIPPA compliant unmounted program in group formats (no horse experience needed).
Operation Horse (Veterans)
Coming Home (Veteran Families)
Horses & Teens (at-risk Teen)
Pony Pals (Child bereavement)

In 2014, Spring Reins of Life (SRoL) was the first EAGALA New Jersey program to earn and retain the "Military Services Provider" certification.
Since 2012 SRoL has served the PTSD units at Lyons Campus VA

There are been nearly 800 Veterans, over 1300 Teens and 135 young children in bereavement who have graced our arena gates. The horses we honor as our most accomplished colleagues. Horses rebuild confidence. Horses provide present moment. Horses give us the chance to build trust. Horses offer peace. Horses save lives.

How can you help?

Spring Reins of Life is a volunteer run nonprofit that is in the midst of a growing pain. The horses and our facilitators are ace pros, they have the therapy part covered. We need humans to help SRoL run the administrative and business management levels, Yes and, help us in any way to find the funding needed to keep our clients, our horses and our team going.

To have skilled professionals help SRoL create materials, brochures, website and online presence, annual reports, donor letters, etc. We see our business side catching up with the growth in our therapy side and then go even farther. Check out our projects and let us know what you are passionate about.


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